Wedgewood Park HOA

Wedgewood Park HOA

Welcome to the Wedgewood Park Home Owners Association website. In an effort to serve the community better, we have updated our website to include many new features.

Login and Profiles

The first of these features is the ability for each member to have their own login information and profile. Click the "Sign up now!" button below to get started. The majority of the website is reserved for residents, so you must be a resident and you must be signed in. Additionally, each member of your family can have their own login if desired.

Community Directory and Sending Email

The Community Directory still exists where you can lookup contact information for all residents in the community. Additionally, you now can send an email to everyone in the directory by clicking "Residents" (main navigation) and then "Email Community". Please do not abuse this feature!

Referrals and Adding New

For a website to be of value, there must be relevant and updated content. In an effort to provide more value, we are asking that you provide contact information for any services you would recommend to your neighbors. To view services your neighbors recommend, please click "Referrals" (main navigation) and then "List Referrals". To add new content, please click "Referrals" (main navigation) and then "Create New Referral". If you don't find a category that fits, please use "Misc" and we will organize them at a later time.